Wednesday: Holy Week

Today’s daily reading for Holy Week: Matthew 24-25

Johnna’s reflection on today’s Scripture:

People rarely just ‘stop by’ to visit any more, at least, not without making plans with you to do so. My house is usually ready for visitors anytime; however, depending on when you stopped by, you would see different versions of readiness.

If you were to visit on Friday, my house is in order and clean. If you were to stop by on Sunday, you would likely find my house is in shambles! You see, I probably had my three granddaughters all day Saturday and I am too tired to clean and put my house back in order until Sunday.

An unexpected guest after a day of mayhem, would find we had made quite a mess of things. I would be unprepared.

This reminds me of the parable regarding the unprepared bridesmaids in the book of Matthew 24:1-13.

The parable opens with a familiar phrase, “The kingdom of heaven will be like this.”

[Mind you, this is not in reference to my upside down house, (ha-ha) but rather how it will be for those who are unprepared for the return of Jesus!]

In this story, it is expected that the bridesmaids would await the arrival of the bridegroom and greet him with a procession of light in the darkness. All the maids are waiting with their lamps in eager expectation of the groom’s appearance.
The bridegroom is delayed.

Half of the maids brought extra oil for their lamps, anticipating a delay could occur. But the other half, to their horror, discovered that they would not have enough oil to keep their lamps burning. While the unprepared maids were away making arrangements that should have been made already, the groom arrived.

When they returned, they knocked on the door of the house, but their entrance to the wedding banquet was denied by the groom. The maids’ plea (25:11) recalls Jesus’ warning that not everyone who cries “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven (7:21-23).

The parable is summed up in saying the, bridegroom’s arrival was certain. The uncertainty of the timing illustrates the need for constant vigilance. Had the foolish maids not left, and just offered what they had, they would have been there to welcome their Lord.

Is my house always going to be ready for visitors, nope! But, if Jesus were to show up at my door amid the mess of Saturday evening, He would also find a home that is filled with love for Him and joyfully be welcomed into the mess of it! Having a house fit for the King is not the issue, just as running out of oil is not the problem.

When the King comes, just be ready to open the door. Give what you have. Let the King have a seat in your humble home; let the feasting begin, ready or not.

Is there something that you could do today to make ready for the return of Jesus?

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One thought on “Wednesday: Holy Week

  1. JOHNNA!! I never heard anyone point out that they still had oil and it is possible that, if they had stayed put, they would have been there to meet the bridegroom with what little oil they had left! I actually heard people say, in their presumption I now see, that they had run out.

    I loved your household example.

    It was always pointed out that the oil represents the Holy Spirit which I believe to be true. So looking at that, being filled with the Holy Spirit is optimal for our walk. Your thoughts also made me think about the fact, as you stated, that the Bridegroom was near, the unmistakable announcement of his immenent arrival was made but they somehow thought they had time to run and do one more thing. I pray we’re all ready for His appearing. Thank you!


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