What to Expect

Provided weekly micro teachings and devotionals simply break down key biblical principles.  Each post will have practical action steps or guidance which you can put to use right away if you choose!

If you appreciate practical take-aways, simple explanations, and calming encouragement then you are in the right spot! The content is just right for someone who is trying to make sense of this whole God thing, a new believer who may be intimidated in knowing where to start, or even a more seasoned believer who could benefit from a fresh, new perspective.

The Bible and some of its principles can seem overwhelming at times.  Thankfully, the Lord wants a deeper relationship with us right now, regardless of how well we know the books and characters of the bible, how eloquent we pray, how often we go or don’t go to church, or how badly we think we messed up. Right here. Right now…He wants a relationship with you!

Posts will contain a mixture of real-life experiences, scripture references, useful tips I’ve learned in growing my relationship with the Lord, and prayer.

Common topics include answered prayers as a means of offering hope, persisting through struggles, surrendering, recognizing blessings, grief/loss, and bible study tips. Marriage and Parenting from a Christian worldview can also be explored.

Blog Posts & Podcast Episodes

Wednesday mornings at 5AM

Each blog post has embedded audio as well as a podcast episode. All have the exact same content, just in different formats. You can read about how that came to be in the post, “Coincidence? I Think Not!” It’s really very sweet! Posts take about 2 minutes to read and 5-6 minutes to listen to.

Featured Book of The Week

Sunday mornings at 5AM

Complete with my review and link to Amazon for easy carting! Check out the Resources tab for this and other good reads!

Living Simply Saturdays

Coming Soon! Stay tuned 😉