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Be Still, and know I am God.

Psalm 46:10

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Insights from Seminary

As many of you know, I started seminary at Liberty University this past semester.  I’ve shared bits and pieces of major takeaways on the blog’s social media platforms, but the bulk of the learning has really been shared in the local church ministry setting.  Today, though, I’m sharing an assignment with you. Actually, as I…

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Let’s Normalize This…

On occasion, in addition to the blogs on this page, I also post microblogs to Living Simply With God’s facebook page. Today was one of those days, and I wanted to share it with this audience as well. It’s important enough and so are you. Written for fb today: Think about how well you do…

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Beating the Enemy at His Own Game

A few weeks ago, I had a foreboding feeling that the enemy would attack either my friends or myself.  Some girlfriends from church and I planned on going to a weekend women’s retreat (that’s actually where I wrote a bulk of today’s content).  If I’ve learned anything from my walk with God over the last…

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Does Praying Matter?

Did you ever wonder if praying actually makes a difference?  What about when it “doesn’t work”?  Or what about if God already knows what will happen?  Should we still bother? Our reactions to these questions will really depend on what and how we think about prayer.   If we think that prayer is a mechanism by…

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