Palm Sunday

I’ve partnered again with my home church, Wallenpaupack Church, to create another daily devotional, and we can’t wait to reveal what we have in store! Four writers over the eight days will help guide us through a Journey to the Resurrection as we read, contemplate and remark over Jesus’ final days…

Today’s daily reading for Holy Week: Matthew 21:1-17

Pastor Ken’s reflection on today’s Scripture:

I’ve always wanted to do it.  Imagine, a perfectly arranged game board of monopoly with houses and hotels lined up perfectly, the chance and community chest stacked neatly in their respective places.  Then as my last dollar is paid in rent and my last property is mortgaged I flip the boat over.  Everything happens is slow motion as pieces and paper fly.

My reason for flipping the table is because I am a sore loser.

Jesus was not a sore loser, he is a just victor.

The Palm Sunday story in Matthew plays out in two parts.  The first is the triumphal entry of King Jesus.  Where the people shout shout “Hosanna!” -which literally translated means, “Save us we pray!”

Then Jesus dismounts his donkey and walks into the temple courts.  The account from John tells us that Jesus “made a whip” which tells us this next move was premeditated (John 2:15).  He then proceeds to wreak havoc upon the people changing money and selling animals.

It was a festival where people were required to make sacrifices.  Pilgrims who had come from far away had to exchange their money and pay and exchange fee, or they had to borrow money at interest. Then they would take their local currency and buy animal sacrifices that were marked up.  All of this was sanctioned by the religious leaders because they received a cut of the profits.

Remember, Jesus is a just victor.

He walks into the temple, drives out the oppressors and thieves, then cares for the blind, sick, and lame.

This is what just victors do.  They liberate then they elevate.  Jesus does not only save us from our sins and go sit on a throne someplace.  He saves us, then cares for us.  He heals us and attends to our wounds inflicted by our oppressor.  Rebuilds the broken places and redeems the lost hearts.

You’ve got money changers living in your life.  The sin and the shame, identity crises, addiction, and the list goes on.  These thieves come only to steal kill and destroy, but the just victor comes so you will have life and have it to the full. (John 10:10)

Next Step: What/who are the “money changers” in your life that prevent you or slow your progress toward a relationship with God?

Confess Jesus as victor and let him turn over the tables in your life.

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