Let’s Normalize This…

On occasion, in addition to the blogs on this page, I also post microblogs to Living Simply With God’s facebook page. Today was one of those days, and I wanted to share it with this audience as well. It’s important enough and so are you.

Written for fb today:

Think about how well you do your job. Could any friend or family member just come along and do what you do? Probably not. You’ve been trained in what you do. You may have gone to school for it. You may have gone for a really, really long time. SAHMs, could just anyone parent the way you do? No. You’re the most qualified. Why then, do we allow friends and family (or our own minds) to take the place of therapists when therapists can offer expertise like no one else can? Here’s some things that have been on my heart:

❤️ Therapists aren’t only for people with “something wrong with them”.

❤️ Someone with a diagnosis doesn’t have “something wrong with them” anyway. They have a diagnosis & it’s just a part of a whole person.

❤️ Since someone isn’t their diagnosis we should never say the “schizophrenic” or the “autistic” kid. They are a person with schizophrenia or autism. Person first language, ALWAYS, but just names are even better.

❤️ Major Depressive Disorder is different than depression and vice versa. Same for Anxiety Disorder/Anxiety, etc. All can be conquered, albeit differently, which is where a good therapist can come in.

❤️ Therapists can help people live their lives better, even if there’s no presenting diagnosis, depression, anxiety, etc.

❤️Feeling overwhelmed with packed schedules? Therapists can help.

❤️ Have that one family member, friend, or co-worker that you just can’t deal with? Therapists can help.

❤️ Can’t say no or habitually withdraw? Therapists can help with both.

❤️ We may not vibe with a therapist, and that’s ok. They are people with personalities just like us. Don’t despair, just try someone else. I found mine on my second try, but I would have had a third if we didn’t click.

❤️ Medication isn’t for everyone; but for some it can make all the difference in getting brain chemicals to balance out within normal ranges.

❤️Even if medication does help, therapists can’t hurt.

❤️Therapists can be long-time supports or in our lives just for a season.

❤️My season was for one year. Weekly & then bi-monthly, and then I moved on. Maybe I’ll see someone again in the future, but for now, I’m implementing the practices I learned during that year, which came after a few years of chronic stress. My body was taking the toll and keeping score without me even knowing it, and I needed help. My regular doctor helped as much as she could, but God and my therapist took over the rest.

❤️One of the biggest comforts to someone in therapy is hearing someone else say something like, “I learned this in therapy this week” or “My therapist said…” It helps them know they are not alone and that other people are comfortable with therapy, so maybe they can be, too.
❤️Let’s normalize therapy, shall we?

❤️If you’re Christian, protect that worldview in your sessions. Let your therapist know on day 1 that you only want to work within the scope of His Truth. That changes the advice given at times. If a secular counselor can’t do that well and respectfully, find a Christian counselor.

❤️Therapy works best when we also cast our fears upon the Lord & allow Him to direct our steps.

All my love,
Helen ❤️

Now that the advent study is done, wondering what’s in store? I plan on going back to my weekly Wednesday posts, starting next week and will start by sharing an updated version of last year’s Be Still Series. What better time to examine what’s on our plates and learn about balance than at the new year? See you then!

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