Let Nothing You Dismay

God rest ye merry gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
Remember Christ our savior 
was born on Christmas Day
To save us us all from Satan’s power 
when we were gone astray.

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, verse 1

Gas prices are rising. Let nothing you dismay.

Relationships are constantly shifting and there is so much conflict. Let nothing you dismay.

But, politics. Let nothing you dismay.

The world is changing so fast. Let nothing you dismay.

I can’t “afford” Christmas. Let nothing you dismay.

(insert your worry here).  Let nothing you dismay.

Have you ever told somebody to calm down?  Or better yet, has anyone ever told you to calm down?  How’d that go?  If your experience is anything like mine then you will note that no calming happened in response to that command.  Often the exact opposite happens because our present calamity has a stronger voice than our future serenity.  Take heart and know that you are not alone in this.  

In Luke 1:11-15 Zechariah is told, do not be afraid (let nothing you dismay) because his barren wife was going to bear a son and he would be amazing. Luke 2:30-33 Mary is told, do not be afraid (let nothing you dismay) because her son would be the Savior of the world. Then in Matthew 2:20-21 Joseph is told, you guessed it, do not be afraid (let nothing you dismay) because his fiancee’s pregannacy is the Messiah of God.  The trend has everything to do with events surrounding the birth of Jesus.

We are entrenched in realities that could bring us to debilitating fear-or we can remember.  We can allow the truth of Jesus’ birth to be our core thought, our guiding principal.  When we trust that Jesus came to defeat sin and death then we have no reason to be afraid.  Jesus has saved us from the curse of shame and death.  When are taken by our fear we lose sight of our peace.  

Christ our Savior is our peace.  Christmas means we don’t have to be afraid.  Let nothing you dismay.

Scripture Reference

Luke 1:11-15, Luke 1:30-33, Matthew 1:20-21

Action Step

What is causing you to be afraid?  Reinforce the truth that Christ is your peace.

Accompanying Playlist

All hymns referenced throughout the series found in one spot. Some versions are traditional. Others…not so much. Enjoy!

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