Finding my Voice

Now, this is what I originally drafted to be my maiden blog post, but I decided to add some additional content last week at the last minute. So, here I am, stringing words together in hopes that they strike some chord with you.  That you can relate to something I’ve been through, how I dealt with this thing or that, or that I can offer new perspectives on an old problem.  But how? 

It’s one thing to sit around a kitchen table with friends and offer advice or lend an ear. It’s an entirely other matter to sit at a computer and rally enough thoughts together that they coherently blend into something substantive enough that someone else would want to read them.  Thus…here I am…finding my voice.  Do I focus on being a parent of three?  A spouse? Full-time professional in post-graduate school? Self-declared DIYer? 

Perhaps what’s so challenging about focusing on any one of these identities is that they are somewhat transient and incomplete.  By and large, they depend on other aspects subject to change and are still only a portion of who I am, even on a good day!  For example, although parenting and marriage are relatively permanent (until death do us part!), how those roles play out in my life will largely depend on the season of life I’m in, thus rendering them transitory; and the totality of these parts are still wildly lacking, thus leading me right into the present conundrum of finding my voice.

Nonetheless, do you know what doesn’t change? Christ’s love for me.  I was made in His image.  According to Psalm 139:14, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, regardless of how I may feel or which hat I have on.  I am His.  And so are you.  Every other role we are blessed with can be seen in light of our relationship to Him.  When doing so, we can more fully appreciate the roles temporarily assigned to us, better recognize the Lord’s provisions, and respond in love accordingly.  It’s in Him that I am finding my voice, or rather, more correctly, finding His voice inside of me.  How about you?  Do you yearn to hear His voice?  Go to Him. If you don’t know how, ask Him to show you. He will, and He’s been waiting for you to ask.

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