Featured Book of the Week

How many times have you heard the term, “Union with Christ” or something along the lines of Christ being in us? This was something I heard, especially in the Catholic church, but not something which I really understood. The author takes a deep dive into what it means to have identities in Christ. His analogies make complex concepts seem more comprehensible, and it is well worth the read! While the language isn’t particularly challenging, the author gives his readers a lot to digest so prepare to sit with this one for a bit! Click on the Title/Author above and be taken straight to Amazon for easy carting!

A word of caution, however! Don’t let reading about our God ever be a substitute for actually reading His Word as revealed in Scriptures. There is no substitute for the absolutely life giving truth that can be found within the greatest Book ever written! That said, every book mentioned has played an essential part in my own walk, and I pray they speak to you the way they have spoken to me.

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Happy reading 🙂